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Gary Duncan is the resident Music Producer/Head Engineer, Gary has enjoyed 20 years working professionally within the Music Industry.  Working with the legendary Shane McGowan the very first week of his Professional Music career,  Gary's audio experience has been attributed to working with some of the best Music Artists across multiple genres of music.  He has had the privilege of working with some of the finest Music Producers, Recording and Mix Engineers, not to mention some of the highest level Mastering Studios in the world.

With Gary's vast experience you will find your music coming to life and hitting its true potential, through hard work, experience, and creativity.  Take your music to the next level in music production.  



Berklee College Of  Music Boston, MASTERS  & PROFESSIONAL Degree

Avid Digidesign Professional, Certified  Pro tools

Audio Masterclass Oxford Certificate in Sound Engineering and Music Production

Institute Of Technology Carlow, Electrical Installation and Maintenance

NCVA Level 2 Certificate in Music and Sound Production


Red Lake Sound Studios (Current) 15years

Temple Lane Studios (Sun and Appollo) Assistant Engineer 3years

Dunamaise Arts Theatre Sound Engineer 3years

Sonic Studios Apprentice Engineer a year

Specialist Skills

Music Production

Sound Engineering


Music Theory and Arrangement


Music Artist Development

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